Food X-ray manufacturer in China

Brief Introduction to Vixdetect

Shanghai Vixdetect Inspection Equipment Co.,LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise founded by returnees from over-seas. It focuses on the research, development,production and sales of high-precision foreign body inspection equip-

ment in the field of food and drugs. Relying on the nina Insuute vl Rwnie theangr d nrdiltioo dotertion and eafetyvnuclear science and technology, Shanghai Vixdetect is now industrializing the advanced radiation detection and safety

, technologies of CIAE,incorporating a number of unique nign-end tecnnolg1es oh cIAl. 10s poof ovooionne in thetages of safety, intelligence and stability. Shanghai Vixdetect core team now nas hieainy 4 yeaistol expenel tec odo hefield of X-ray detection, has dozens of various types of intelectual property rignts, and the spealcnreseaiaunold t hosupport science and technology commission of Shanghai municipal education commission and Snangnal,uphola the"China r&d world quality" product concept, and strive to provide users with the international advanced level of detec-

tion technology and artificial intelligence system level solutions.

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