Frequently Asked Questions Food X-ray Inspection

1. The X-ray machine is weak where the transmitting line is longest distance.

2. According to the difference between the density of pollutants and that of normal food pollutants, the image gray scale of X-ray penetrating substances with different densities is different, and the image gray value is removed according to the difference

3. Us regulations require no more than 5μSv/ h and EU regulations require no more than 1μSv/ h. The standard required in our country is that the average effective dose of occupational operators is not more than 20mSv (equal to 20,000uSv) per year.

4. Thickness, high density, uneven, X-ray absorption, rendering dark color in the picture.

5. Conveyor speed 10-30m/min- high sensitivity, 30-60m/min- low sensitivity.

6. Ray source tube low voltage output type 20-50kv, 1-5mA, Max 150W; Ray source tube low voltage output type 30-80kv, 1-5mA, Max 280W;

7. There are consumable products, not affected by temperature, salt, moisture, can also detect aluminum or metal packaging products, can also detect missing phenomenon.

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