Vixdetect X-ray benefits

Vixdetect X-ray benefits

 Increased consumer protection

Quality assurance is taken to new levelsBrand protection and recall preventionFood safety compliance

customer trust

High ROl

Advanced Algorithms

Built for more than just containments, we also provide mass estimation,shape detection, and component verification.

compact Design

our equipment is the smallest in class to allow for easy in-lineintegration with minimal reconfiguration of existing equipment.

Easy to Read Display

A17-inch color touchscreen provides users with a vibrant screen forviewing high-resolution imagery.

streamlined Product Setup

Minimal inputs from the user makes setup and changeover quick.

Quick-ship Available

For manufacturers who need product inspection systems within a coupleweeks.

Accelerated ROI

Reject classification allows the operator to see trends in real time andcorrect issues upstream from the ×-ray.

Service simplified

Simple service plans (from a la carte to priority support) to ensuremaximum uptime.

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