X-ray and optical inspection solutions

Strictly to high indicators and high quality, earnestly help customers create value

Food foreign matter detection

Effectively find metal foreign matters, glass, ceramics, hard rubber, resin, bone, shell, stone and other foreign matters mixed in food

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Automated fish bone detection using X-ray imaging

Analyzing two different xray energy signals, it clearly distinguishes contaminants from products. Performs accurate inspection of low density bones in metal and overlapping products.

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Dual energy and multiple perspectives

With vixdetect image processing technology using two differernt x ray images achieved high detection sensitivity.
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Food X-ray Inspection

Enhance Product Safety and Quality Control


The food x-ray inspection factory in Shanghai, China. with rich manufacturing experience, variaty models and solutions for different production line.

Exalted level

 Vixdetect was co-founded by members of the China Institute of Atomic Energy and returnees from overseas

Excellent ROI

high configuration, XDET smart-eye algorithm platform, AI intelligent and factory price powerful combination.

Easy operation

Friendly program

5 min of study without much parameter setting 

can let X-ray in good accurate.

Expert service

As manufacturer

operation use, program upgrade, and maintenance has professional and efficient service.

Factory provides a variety of inspect solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries

Comprehensive support: Safe inspection with professional service at the best accuracy.

Vixdetect protect your brand image and help your company win more business in the future.

More accurate foreign body reject, product inspection, and demand customization.

Besides detect: metal, glass, alcified bone, plastic, ceramic, concrete. 

Quality analysis: completeness and integrity, form and shape, presence and lack of presence, fill level etc.


International advanced AI detection technology and software and hardware solutions

Technical strength

Transformation of Advanced Technical Achievements of China Academy of Atomic Energy Sciences

The core founder of Vixdetect hosted or participated in a number of national scientific research projects, and his research and development team has nearly 20 years of experience in product research and development. Micropresence focuses on the transformation of China's advanced radiation detection technology achievements by relying on the China Academy of Atomic Energy Science.

Multiple independent core technologies

Radiation detection technology, small signal processing technology, artificial intelligence technology

The Vixdetect R&D team has a number of independent core technologies in the field of image and signal processing, and adheres to the rigorous attitude and innovative spirit to provide professional users with internationally advanced AI detection technology and software and hardware solutions.

Quality control

Industrial grade product design that can handle harsh environments

In every link of design and production, we strictly follow the principle of quality first, and create value for customers with high detection accuracy and high-quality products.

Service support

7x24 online service

For a long time, Vixdetect has won the trust of a large number of customers with good reputation, rich experience and considerate service, relying on high-quality technicians and sales teams, in line with the business principle of honesty and law-abiding customers first.

August 2012

Overseas returned technicians 

Carry out market research and technical research on food foreign matter detection

January 2018

Product technology research and development, cooperation with China Institute of Atomic Energy

October 2018

Establishing school enterprise cooperation with Shanghai Normal University, supported by the "Boost Plan" of Shanghai Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology

November 2020

National high-tech enterprise, with ISO 9001 quality management system certification


X-ray inspection exhibition


Safe mechanism

Emergency stop switch, shield cover, On/OFF key, leakage prevention curtain, irradiation display, hand insertion sensor.

Durable configuration

X-ray generator VJ, sensor Hamamatsu/DT, famous brand consumables kit.

Data statistics output

Good/NG/Total production statistics, USB, Lan port, 4G wireless, Auto image, Error logs, inspection analysis, etc

Advanced intelligent algorithms

Vixdetect artificial intelligence algorithm comes from a new neural network model in the AI field in 2017. XDET Smart-Eye algorithm. 

Easy use operation

Artificial intelligent design, no redundant parameter settings, any one can be mastered in 5min.

Professional afterservice

    Stable Vixdetect software and hardware, with error notice, intelligent design, and unique ID report, factory can give online support immediately. 

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