Fish bone X-ray inspection

Fish bone X-ray inspection F4010


For unpackaged Fresh meat, poulty and fish


VX-F4010 X-ray inspection



Max inspection size


Machine height(conveyor)


X-ray generator

VJ X-ray tube 350W


High sensitivity Hamamatsu/ Finland DT0.4

X-ray emissions



Linux (Core 4.10) /stability and   reliability for anti-virus. Auto data save.

Algorithm platform

XDET AI humanized easy use


17' Full-color TFT screen with touch

real-time and frozen images. save the   last rejects into buffer. the rejected images can be kept for up to 90 days.

Ease of use

High performance X-ray software can   reduce the need for manual adjustments and the potential for human   programming error

Product setup

Easy adjustment process for learning new products   and minutes. inspection parameters can be adjusted in the course


Hard drive 8GB flash for statistics and   images storage.


Stainless steel304 quick disassembly   conveying structure and belt conveyor approved by FDA.

Communication module

LAN port, USB, 4G wireless, auto image,   error logs, inspection analysis.


software team viewer, online technical   support.

Air compress

compressed air: 80 to 100psi (5.5bar to   6.9bar) for optional pneumatic rejectors


long life 3 color LEC light tower.

Industrial computer

Taiwan Advantech


Germany Pfannenberg/ Ritta


Approval FDA, MA, CE.


Horizontal conveyor model for the   detection of contaminants in packaged products.

Power supply

AC 220V 50-60Hz 1 phase 10A max



operating temperature

0-40 degrees celsius 30-85% humidity

Inspection ability: 

SUS ball:0.2mm, SUS wire:0.1mm*2mm, Glass ball: 1.0mm

Remarks: the minimum detectable foreign body size has a great relation with the material composition, packing material, thickness, size and other parameters in the product. In the actual production environment, please refer to the actual product test results.



•    Based on the advanced XDET algorithm platform of VIX, high-precision detection can be achieved.

    The standard AI algorithm is simple and intelligent, so you can add new products quickly without any experience and automatically learn according to the wizard.

    The customized AI algorithm is suitable for special products. The standard algorithm and the customized algorithm can be detected in parallel to further improve the detection accuracy.

    Choose multiple elimination methods according to the product form, accurate elimination of unqualified products

    wireless connection, remote technical support quickly, automatically push equipment failure

    server-level Linux system, computer virus immunity, abnormal power failure does not lose data

    The conveyor system and main machine can be split, can be washed directly, clean and sanitary

    Superior to international radiation safety standards and specifications, with safety interlock monitoring function


Sanitary Features

Removable curtains

Tool-Free removable belting

Angled External surfaces

Mirror finish product zone.


Long-Term Flexibility

The Vixdetect X-ray system includes virtually  every algorithm you may need to inspect your product. in addtion, features such as variable speed conveyors, variable power X-ray source, HACCP support, 

Ethernet connection and many other features provide the user with a long-term, flexible solution for any new applications that may require x-ray inspection.


Ease of use increases efficiencies

Vixdetect installatons are successful because they are designed to be easy to use and easy to understand. rather than requiring complete knowledge of technology, graphs and color-coded algorithm feedback

provides operators with the information required to create new products and adjust existing setting with ease, eliminating the need for factory support.


Ease of Maintenance

Reliability in the design minimizes the need for maintenance, but when required, a full suite of system diagnostics, plug and play boards and easy release conveyor design offers quick maintenance and minimizes any downtime


Setting the Standard in Performance

Vixdetect X-Ray Inspection Systems give food and pharmaceutical producers the best combination of contaminant detection, reliability, and low total cost of ownership. Vixdetect has the advanced technology you can trust to protect your customers from even the smallest contaminants.


With outstanding accuracy and precision, our x-ray machines can detect metal, stone, bone, glass, and more, using our advanced technology. Beyond detection, Vixdetect X-Ray Inspection provides missing product, shape detection, virtual weight, count, and package check.


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