Vixdetect features and benefits

Features & Benefits

Here are some of the advantages of utilizing vixdetect’s comprehensive and flexible range of industry-leading vixdetect systems:

  • Hygienic design – All machines in x-ray line provide superior sanitation with minimal part removal. Created to perform in even the most challenging production environments, you can rest assured that your operation will detect contaminants without increased risk.

  • Seamless integration – Detection systems can be easily consolidated with other machines in your lineup, streamlining your processes and allowing you to install them virtually anywhere in your existing line.

  • Advanced contaminant detection – High-tech x-ray technology can recognize a greater range of contaminants compared to traditional scanners. Common contaminants such as steel, bones, aluminum, brass, ferrous metals, ceramic, glass, and more can be detected and addressed quickly and effectively.

  • High-tech digital data collection – Automated data collection and analytics eliminate the need for time-consuming manual paperwork. 

  • Intuitive operation – User-friendly controls allow for reduced training needs and increased operator safety.

  • Flexible configurations – Equipment lines can be customized and upgraded to suit your specific needs and goals, helping you comply with changing regulations and accommodate operation growth.

  • Reduced waste and downtime – Our machines are highly dependable and sustainable, limiting unnecessary waste and costly breakdowns.

  • Simplified maintenance – Customizable upgrades and part replacements can be completed right in the plant. This allows you to adjust your machine to conform to a changing environment and keep your system running smoothly and seamlessly.

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