X-ray inspection VS metal detector difference, advantage and disadvantage.

X-ray inspection VS metal detector difference-advantage and disaadvantage

Due to different principle:

X-ray machine inspection - density difference;

metal detector - electrical conductive.

CharacteristicX-ray inspectionmetal detector
Detectabilitybesides metal, glass, ceramics, calcified bones, some plastics.metal
Product effectthicknesselectical conductive.
Capabilitiesbesides foreign metal,  overal food quality: missing components, broken products, fill level, packaging integrity, defect inspection etc.detect foreign metal

Detection range

aluminum foil, cans, some Tetra pak, metallized film those metal packaging. can also inspecition.mainly bulk, plastic

price highlow
longevitytypically 5-10 yearstypically 10-20years

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